The Late Bird Gets The Worm

We must have a good foot of snow on our tarmac and naturally the local trash department decided to pick up a day earlier, provided we take the cans to the street. Typically this would just be a minor inconvenience, even trudging through snow- but I had made matters more complicated.

You see, I decided to use the snow day we had as a day to nest. I cleaned out our many refrigerator/freezers (scrubbing and removing shelves), our numerous food pantries and kitchen cabinets. Due to my summer project, I accumulated numerous Black Trash Bags of throw away.

…. via text

Hubby:  (8:45 PM) The trash has to go out to the curb; they won’t pick up otherwise.

Me: (ignoring in the hopes he’ll just think I didn’t get it)

Hubby: (9:00 PM) They won’t come down the driveway.

So, from 9:20 PM-10:10 PM, after my nighttime routine with my children, I put my jacket over my nightgown and went out to drag our standard 5 cans plus the 6 bags of trash from when I cleaned out my  cabinets. I did this solely because I didn’t want the food in the bags smelling up the garage….nor hubby seeing the volumes of wasted food.

Hubby: (10:16 PM) Take trash?

Me: (still outside trudging through the foot or so of snow)

Hubby: (10:17) If you can’t take it out, I’ll just take it on Saturday.


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