5, 4, 3, 2, 1

If it weren’t for my kid receiving my “CNN Alerts” via hubby- or for my Mahjongg mates- I would never know what’s happening in the world. Actually… I should add FB- sometimes while scrolling for random ads to see who’s dating whom or what do they look like now… I’ll see a new profile picture to show solidarity. Or, some people like to post their 2 cents with some specific headline of the days’ tweets. 

Other than that, I prefer to live in my little cocoon with my kids. So when I was hans solo getting a manicure, staring at the wall just below the flat screen TV, one of the women who was just chillin’ said, “isn’t it horrible what that couple did to their 13 kids- tortured them and locked them up for 29 years.”


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