Do The Opposite

So after the debacle of the “your parents will be dead before you,” discussion, the therapist gave my child a new strategy for not being as scared- since, “that’s life.”

She gave the example of seeing a scary movie- how the first time you would see it, it would be scary. But if you watched it 200 more times you wouldn’t even care. With that, she says, “I want you to repeat ‘everybody is going to eventually die, so I should be happy now,” for the next 2 minutes.

As my child was searching my eyes for any sort of acknowledgement as she was repeating her new mantra, I was busy repeating mine…

If we see Dr. Shoot Myself 3 days a week at $195/45 min. that would cost $585 per week, $2,340 per month… $56,160 over the next two years, I think we could get back to just worrying about heart attacks again.

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