Bye Felicia

We have had no heat in the house, but for the upstairs. Unfortunately, 90% of my waking moments are laboring over the stove making the same tasting noodle in 3 different shapes.

Now, hubby had gone to the store to purchase space heaters and I had the oven, dryer and lone space heater facing me while I attempted to cook. Needing the butter from the downstairs refrigerator, I felt the intense heat radiating in the basement as I opened the door.

When I got downstairs, I looked over to see how my tenants were doing- despite the fact that they have installed base heaters and saw (and heard) a space heater in use.

“Where did you find that?” I asked the aid.

“It was in the large room; it’s cold down here. There’s a draft coming from the door behind the recliner you know,” she said.

Freeze Frame: It was the difference between night and day downstairs, in fact, I’d venture to say it was at least 74* if not more. The woman making her complaint, I would also venture to guess, does not use the heat she may or may not have in her home- ever. In fact, I will also go out on a limb and say that the temperature she was complaining about, is something she would never be able to afford to do in her own home! Lastly, said “draft” coming from behind an oversized recliner with temperatures in the mid-70s is pretty insignificant compared to the -10* in my home.

With that, I said I had been looking for any space heater for days and will be taking it upstairs to where it is really needed but did offer advice for the “draft.”

“You can either move his chair or get a blanket.”


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