Bloody Mary

I haven’t shopped for pads in over ten years if not more. Last I recall, they had one with “wings” so that is all I had to go on when I went in search for something.

Since I needed anything fast, I ran to the local market. What you should know, is that on any given day I could run into at least 4 people that I know. Second, the feminine products are located next to the tasty cake end cap of the aisle. That means, mothers and children linger next to the pads while choosing their candy cake fix.

In any event, I stood looking at the different brands of the same product, trying to find the perfect size and flow support…. and after 6 minutes, with the same gentleman staring at me as he was debating on Pop’ems or Coffee Cakes, I decided to grab and go.

It wasn’t until I got home, that my daughter asked who “they” were for. When I looked down at the package, I realized I purchased a Carnival Cruise vagina-sized lifeboat.

The upside is that hubby doesn’t need to go to Costco for dog bones anymore.

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mom of 3
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