Bon Voyage

Today we went to say goodbye to my nephew who is en route to a semester abroad in Italy.

Me: Are you all ready?

Him: I think so.

Me: Do you have your chargers?

Him: Yes.

Me: Where is your Mophie?

Him: It doesn’t work anymore.

Me: Well, you have the charging brick, right?

Him: I have it.

Me: And the headset I gave you? You must use them or you’ll get brain cancer.

Him: I know.

Me: Well, don’t go home from bars with girls there.

Him: Ok.

Me: And definitely don’t go to a girls’ place alone.

Him: Ok.

Me: Make sure you go in groups of four.

Him: Ok.

Me: I mean it; no Amanda Knox problems!

Him: I Know.

Me: Because the courts there don’t care about Americans.

Him: Ok.


Me: Don’t forget to stay safe; its a dangerous world.

Him: Anything else Aunt Rochelle?

Me: Have a good time!

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mom of 3
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