Sophie’s choice

My daughter and I go together to a wonderful and adorable therapist (top on Her list) who helps her manage her worries. We both really like her and I know she’s already made a difference in the short time we’ve gone to her.

The thing is… in addition to my daily migraines that get triggered by weather/smell/heat, I have hot flashes.

Our Lady of Good Counsel has a very pretty office…. nice and cozy; she has found Pinterest as well. She has also found Yankee Candle. I love a good candle…. Shabbat, Hanukkah… but her candles that are lit daily and have permeated the furniture, really smell in the small office. I’ve asked her to not light them- which she doesn’t for us… but even sitting there, it stinks.

So my dilemma is this: do I go for my child who is doing well with the therapist and loves her, or suffer the ramifications of instant nausea and migraines which last for days, undoubtedly which will kill me…. the root of all her worries?

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