Got Gelt?

My kids didn’t like their first night of Hanukkah gifts– a term I’ll use lightly. My middle child got a sensory/fidget ball (what will be the most expensive gift for all eight nights…for all of the kids!), and the other two got a bag of tie-dyish balloons (10 per bag).

Their reactions were what I would expect from children who expected something more …. exciting than, “You got me a bag of balloons from the dollar store??”

How could a mother be so cruel? Let me count the ways….

I receive daily packages from the UPS and FedEx persons. These packages contain the following, on any given day, 12 months a year for my deprived children:


More Healys (I can’t find mine or My feet grew)

Light up sneaks

Fourth pairs of spare sneakers since My feet must have grown again even though its only been 3 months or They were kind of tight when you bought them or They got dirt on them (therefore they’re trash)

Squishies (from every imaginable website and country)(which by the way will get eaten within 13 hours by the puppy.

Clothing (which by the way will never be worn since they’re either too tight/hard/rough/loose….)

iPads (Yes, PADS. My iPad can’t play my Apps! It’s not upgrading to the new software and I can’t play my Apps, too small….too big…to heavy)

Charging blocks/cords/cases for each Apple item (which by the way will be replaced every few weeks since the Puppy will chew on them)

Apps (or apps within apps- for their daily battles in Roblox)

Rain/Snow boots/Shoe covers for their 30 second drive to school since “our bags are too heavy and its too hard to walk.”

Visits from food delivery services 4-5 times per week for sushi (or as I like to call it, “the inside of the Avocado roll and Soy Sauce” delivery)

Thrice weekly visits to all sorts of Amygdala therapists (after all, Analysts can’t cover it all)

…In addition to the delivered presents, we must include the weekly “toys” from a BJ’s run and Daddy’s daily trips around the world.

So yes, I’ve decided to make these eight days of Hanukkah about recalling yet another story of the victory over persecution of my people….minus the victory.

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