Hefty, Hefty, Hefty

There are some products that work better, depending upon the situation; for example, shop vacs. Shop vacs are most commonly used in flood situations- such as, if your basement were to have a river running through it- shop vac is your “man.” They can also be used say in… industrial situations such as: cleaning up from a reno.

And there are other products which are best used for menial tasks like sweeping a kitchen floor. In this instance, I would suggest a Dyson cordless or perhaps a Swifter.

Now that I’ve explained the proper tools for different modes of cleaning, I would like to expand on the Dyson. I have gone through many cordless vacuums because of clogged filters and such. Having learned the importance of monthly care, I will remove the floor brush, disconnect all parts and clean the multitude of filters and attachments in order to protect the long term care of my $$$$ Dyson. I don’t do it as often as I probably should, but when I do, it works like a charm.

Actually, it worked like a charm. You see, we are having my children’s bathroom renovated and the first step: removing the tile and cement was a very filthy process. Dust, gravel, powder… all made its way throughout my kids’ rooms while the lone worker carried each shovel full of ceramic flooring to the garage.

Another thing you should know is this same worker, has never cleaned up from his work  a day in his life! Never has he once asked to so much use a broom and a dust pan. So imagine my surprise when I went to sweep my kitchen floor the day after I gave it an internal exam, and it didn’t work.

Now, I don’t know the Dyson commercials you’ve seen but I’m pretty sure they’re not meant to pick up layers of earthen rock.

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