The Gods Must Be Crazy

We never go out. It’s important I say that from the get go because it seems like some higher power wants us to stay in.

Weeks ago, I hired a sitter for last night so that hubby and I could double date at a posh new restaurant. It took weeks to get that reservation and everything seemed to be going as planned. That is, until the night before when my son got an ear infection. Unsure of whether he would be able to stay with the babysitter, my mother agreed to watch the kids. Hesitant as we were, she convinced us to go and “have fun.”

When it was T-60 and hubby was getting up to shower, I heard him say, “Oh no! What happened? Look at all that blood.”

Instantly, I knew what had happened. You see, earlier in the week our dog had eye surgery to remove some growths. She was wearing this cone and banging into things so I had suggested that hubby put on the softer, more pliable collar. Immediately it had fallen off and hubby went back to the plastic cone. However, it would not stay on. That means, the dog was able to and did in fact, rip out a stitch or three. Blood was gushing. We had literally 30 minutes now before dinner when I called our vet to see what we needed to do.

Unfortunately, we had to head into town to get more stitches to stop the bleeding. As we were driving to town, I canceled our dinner plans. The good thing is that after waiting in the waiting room for over 1 hour, the doctor came out to say the bleeding had stopped on its own.


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