Bah Humbug

This evening I went to my favorite store for some odds and ends. As I was waiting to check out, I could hear each cashier ask if they wanted to donate to St. Judes. When it was my turn to check out, the lady rung me up for $195+ and asked, “would you like to donate to St. Judes?”

Now, I am all for charities and giving, especially during the holiday season. However, I will be asked to donate at least 40 more times between now and New Year’s. Regardless, I did not want to donate and really don’t need a reason. Often times at the check out I will say, “sure,” but really, without some sort of “sticker” that says, “I already donated,” I’ll continue to look like an asshole when I decline- despite possibly donating $$ hours before someplace else.
“No,” I replied.

“No?” asked the cashier- as if I wasn’t clear enough.

“No,” was all I said as I stared her back in the eyes.

Well, I didn’t even get as much as a “thank you for shopping,” salutation.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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