No She Di’int

The other day while at my child’s therapist, she mentioned some of her latest advice: “I think you and your family would benefit from family counseling.” The reasoning behind this tidbit is that if we could all talk together about how each member interacts with the other, then the kids wouldn’t all need individual therapy.

Now, since it’s been awhile, let me recap. My middle child is full of anxiety. You name it, she is scared. And the bubble that I try to enclose her in, slowly gets poked by say… our Rebbe informing her of the goings on in Vegas…. or via “group text alerts” informing her of local shootings. That being said….I asked our lady if she does the family therapy- after all, we have a long established relationship with her.

“Me? No, I’d sooner shoot myself.”

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mom of 3
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