Things That Make Me Go, “Hmm.”

Sitting on a warm toilet seat.

Taking the last sip of water only to see somebody else’s lipstick stains.

Getting ready to spread a barely used container of butter over my bagel, but finding 10,000 poppy seeds from someone else’s.

Using the wrong towel.

Seeing shit stains on the same towel, after I’ve used it on my face.

Emptying 90% the dishwasher only to realize, the soap never dispatched.

Opening the pantry, and finding two family sized bags of Doritos opened.

Wanting to get on my iPad after a long day, only to see I have 2% battery.

Finally taking the long awaited shit and having the toilet suddenly overflow.

Reaching for the two pints of tomatoes (BOGO) from last week… and seeing how they’ve aged.

Finding the parmesan cheese in the pantry, after it was opened, for the third time- AFTER I specifically said it gets refrigerated.

Seeing five baskets of clothing each with one sock here and one sock there.

Knowing someone had all day to not only match the sock, but turn it right side out!

Using a new pen and having it die when writing the second letter.

Reminding others to keep doors closed when the air is on, and feeling the blast of the heater and outside air coming through… the opened door.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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