Just Pick A Color

One of the good things about hubby traveling is that some places sell certain products cheaper overseas. Case in point: Havianas- the flip flip. In the US, these flip flops could range from $18+, but in Brazil where they’re made, they are roughly $5.

This evening, my children and I received a Face Time alert from their father at a store in Brazil. Now, he’s away so often that common sense should kick in- meaning: if two months ago they were a size 3 shoe, they could still be or they could be a 4. Not that hard to guess and either would be just fine. Yet, each time he is away its the same question: “what size are the kids?” as if they suffered from Acromegaly.

If that isn’t enough, its the real time video of the hundreds of flip flops these stores sell. In fact, he scanned his camera up and down each column of shoes, and continued going all around the store, showing us shoes from which to pick. Now, the kids who were waiting to be fed like lions in a zoo, could care less; I was the one to make this difficult decision.

I could just get one kid pink shoes but if we get the other one purple… well, they could easily fight over wanting the same exact shoe. My son, who is into Pokemon could wear anything… except the Star Wars flip flop hubby thought our child would like.

In the end, what began as an exciting idea for hubby to shop virtually with us, ended up in an arguing match of, “I don’t care what color, just choose one” to…. “I already have enough flip flops from the last trip so I don’t want anymore,” to…. “If the Star Wars light up then I’ll just have them.”

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