How Did He Die?

The other day my mother told me that her doorman died suddenly- unfortunately, my hypochondriac child overheard.

Knowing full well it had to be a heart attack, she asked me if a kid could get it. I told her no and explained that its only for elderly people and she will never get it. At this point, my youngest child asked me how would you know if you were having a heart attack.

I explained that the left arm would hurt a lot, and it would feel like an elephant was sitting on your chest.

For days my middle asked questions until I finally reassured her that since we are vegetarians, she would never have to worry.

Unfortunately for her, she was around me when I gasped upon hearing of another person suddenly die.

Middle: What happened?

Me: Someone I knew suddenly died.

Middle: How did he die?

Me: Heart attack. 


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mom of 3
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