Fine, You Do It.

Patience is something I could use more of- in fact, if I could buy it at a store, I’d stock up on it.

I am not one who likes to stand idle at the checkout line and have someone else bag my items. In fact, I scoff at people who stand there, armless. So when I was in a rush to get home and I saw the young woman exit the bagging area, I immediately took my place.

Now, I think it is nice that I help- most people would love to just “find something else” to do- one would think. But today, when the young woman got wind that I had started to bag my own items, she rushed over and began bagging.

Now, I’m not anal and I’m not Becky Home=ecky where everything has to be perfect- but when it comes to bagging freezer items with pantry items, I draw the line. When I noticed the young woman randomly bagging the cold with the non-perishable items, I emptied her bag and began doing it myself. When she continued to bag randomly, that is when I vocalized my feelings and grab. “I like to do it a certain way; I would like to bag my own food.”

At this point, the cashier noticed the woman’s upset- since she angrily gestured at me for taking over her job, and spoke loudly enough for the other cashiers to chime in. “It’s okay name, you can do the next one. It’s ok… you can help the next person.”

Feeling humiliated for causing a scene with a woman who is proud to do her job, I said, “It’s just that I am bagging for two different households and I know where they need to go.”

In the end, I caved in for fear of going to hell, and probably have the Cheetos and soap in the freezer, along with the eggs and waffles.

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mom of 3
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