All The Way To China

While waiting for my parents to arrive at the restaurant we were dining, my children started talking about Temple- out of the blue. When I asked my eldest to repeat herself, she said, “a girl went to a bar and then got murdered.”

Now, if you know me, I am known as Keeper of the Bubble. I don’t watch nightly television since commercials could have scary images or upcoming attractions and there is no newspaper. If I am watching TV- which is extremely rare, and a commercial or news trailer comes on, I “lalalallalalal,” so they can’t hear until I find the remote.

Well, the other day I was cleaning the kitchen while talking to a friend on speaker when she said, “could you believe that girl at Temple got murdered?” What I didn’t know was that my anxious child who is an expert at sneaking up on people, had come down for a snack and heard it all. Immediately she said she would never go to Temple.

Fast forward to tonight at the round table….

So I said to my daughter, “She didn’t get murdered at the bar and you never go home from a bar to a boy’s house- no matter what, but she wasn’t murdered at Temple.”

Daughter: Where was she murdered then?

Me: Near your camp.

Daughter: I’m never going to that camp.

Me: Not near it near it but he went to his grandmother’s who lives near it.

Daughter: Did he kill her too?

Me: No, he told her what he did and she told him to turn himself in.

Anxious daughter: (head tilted; staring at me) You’re lying, the cops probably caught him.

Me: Nope, he turned himself in.

Anxious daughter: Well then he’s not that bad since he told them he made a mistake.

Me: He murdered her- its bad, very bad. He may not get the death penalty (foot in my mouth) and just get life, but this isn’t a mistake.

…Awkward silence till my parents come and sit down.

Daughter: Did you know a girl got murdered at Temple?

Bubbie: (looking at me) Yes, I know. You must never go home from a bar with a man.

Now… here is where she added salt to the wound I opened when discussing sentencing… “and if you have to go to the bathroom, take your drink with you. Never leave your drink unattended.”

Daughter: Why? What would happen to my drink?

Me: (evil eye at my mother) Someone could put something in it.

Bubbie: Someone could put dirt in it.

Me: (digging deeper) Someone could put a drug in and and make you fall asleep so they could have their way with you. …You know…like Bill Cosby.


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