Toys R Us

One of my kids is turning 11 in 11 days. Since coming home to the empty playroom, she has requested we buy her a “toy” at Toys R Us for her birthday. My child, who is getting the body of a pre-teen, who understands the subtlety of eye talking and facial expressions, wants Calico Critters crap.

For days I’ve put off the trip to the store- instead trying to offer up more age appropriate gifts- like tampons. And as far as I knew it, it had been forgotten- that is, until today. During breakfast, a commercial came on for the store. It’s a new spin on getting kids into Toys R Us- boasting how its not a toy section in a store that also sells cereal and clothing (hint: Target), but its a store full of toys; toys for play.

Trying not to engage in eye contact, I pretended not to hear anything. However, with the silence in the room unnerving, my eyes eventually met hers… and her smirk.

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