Vitamin D

My grandfather had major fluid build up in his legs causing congestive heart failure. The doctors immediately admitted him and tossed out the dreaded word, hospice. His aid who usually spends the night at my house, slept at the hospital with him because he kept getting up; he cannot be left alone.

Conversations were had, information discussed and as a result, he’s back in my pod… same as before.

However, somewhere in the conversation with the visiting nurse, two things came up. He takes a bundle of pills twice a day, one of them being Vitamin D. As far as I know, that’s just for sun nutrition or something like that. The second thing that came up, was the doctor’s orders of a low-sodium diet.



Excuse me, I had to shake my fucking head because I got confused. I didn’t realize hospice is in home health care while you get better. As far as I know, its akin to Make A Wish foundation where the terminally ill get to have their last hurrah, only, this is visits from nurses in lieu of seeking any medical assistance.

Why the hell would he ned Vitamin anything and do we really care about low-sodium?? I repeat, hospice is in the house…. so as far as I’m aware, the purpose is to spend out your days in comfort, not die with good skin and healthy blood pressure.


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