The Rug

For the past year, my grandfather has lived with me and from the onset, my family was concerned about the rug. The rug doesn’t have a pad underneath to keep it in place… and apparently the 200 pound table and chairs isn’t enough. Fine, it does sometimes buckles from a chair being pushed in without being lifted into position. But he hasn’t had any issues at all with the rug. In fact, thanks to his curved spine, he only sees where he is stepping.

Yet, for some reason, while waiting for the hospice nurse to come, the main concern was him tripping on the rug and getting hurt. Now, I get not wanting to get hurt and be in pain. But moments before the rug talk, the conversation was about the mistake to not send him directly to a nursing home from the hospital. Again, I don’t want him to trip… but if the only way to get into a nursing home is via the hospital stay…. should we really be so concerned with a pad?

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