I’m not a superstitious person by any means…. I say as I don’t step on the cracks of my wooden floor, nor slip on the salt I toss over my shoulder. That aside, I do believe in threes.

So let’s recap the summer events:

Humphrey the hamster, suffered a brain injury and died.

Izzy, my lizzy, was taken to an undisclosed place where he was either left to die a tortuous death… or was just swallowed Disney style by the puppy.

And then there’s my grandfather. The other day he was admitted to the hospital for his deadly diagnosis of congestive heart failure.

So, as far as I see it, my middle child who had premonitions of everyone and everything dying while she was at camp against her will, will probably never leave this house again. Well, that’s not exactly true… because she’ll need to see her WD three times per week.

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mom of 3
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