My eldest dog has major attitude. When she wants to go out at night, she stomps around in a circle, going round and round on the hardwood floor while I’m sleeping. Literally, it sounds like a tot with their first pair of tap shoes. She huffs and grunts and will sit upright as tall as she can, staring at me until I go where she wants.

For instance, when she is hungry, which is all day, she not only wants the bone for her, but also takes the bone of the puppy.  She snarls and barks all day when the little one is near her and when she sits on the stairs outside my room eating her rawhide, she makes as much noise as possible (probably trying to rub it in.)

I’m sitting outside, relaxing and my dog is circling me like prey, putting all the weight on each paw as she walks, nudging her head for me to stand up… just so I can escort her for more snacks. Perhaps she needs to take a page from puppy’s book and eat more protein. And by protein, I mean, more house pets.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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