I don’t send my children to camp so that I can see a “flip” book of their every emotion- and I know that there are times when the camp photographer is shooting my children’s bunks or nightly activities, that my kids could just be in the twalet… but for days and days in a row??

I have watched other kids blossom into campers from the amount of pictures taken from them that I’m actually wondering if the mom slipped the staffer money at visiting day.

And its not like I’m hungry for photos of my kids- after all, I don’t stay up anymore into the wee hours of the night for my disappointment. Rather, I wake up and scan through the now largely reduced albums to for my “glimmer of hope,” aka: a sleeve of their clothing.

In any event, I’m starting to feel like my kids made one too many blah faces and are now on the background only list.

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