The Sound Of Silence

This evening I was asked to show some photos of my offspring from visiting day. When I said, “most of my pictures are on my camera,” I then added, “I ordered three 24″ x 36 canvases” (Groupon).

At that, my friends asked to see which photos were being enlarged. As I opened the website to go through my order to show them the exact one, it went like this:

Me: I blew this one up.

Friend: (silence)

Me: I’m pretty sure I chose this one.

Friend: (polite smile with head tilt)

Me: Yep, I chose this one.

Mother: Mmmmm. Mmmmm. That’s not such a good picture of her.

Now, I spent hours choosing which three pictures out of 30 to enlarge; I ordered one of the largest sizes – slightly below that of a billboard, and the best compliment I got was the sound of silence??

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