Jumping Through Hoops

Going through my separate email accounts to remove unwanted mail is a full time job. First, I have to scroll to the bottom to find the lightly written words, “opt out” or “unsubscribe.” Next, I have to click on the link and either add the account address which I’d like to end all notifications or simply hit, “unsubscribe.”

But the thing is, some companies have the “unsubscribe” button further down on the web page- and where most of the “unsubscribe” buttons are on other pages, it says, “continue to receive.”

So if you’re not careful, while opting out you could be continuing to receive. If that’s not bad enough, some have a small multiple choice area to determine why you no longer wish to receive communication from said vendor.

The process is tedious and can take up to 10 days for it to work- and with over 50 different emails of junk per day, per account, it’s hard to remember which emails I’ve already tried to unsubscribe from.

My point: just delete them instead.

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