“Phil. Phil Atio.”

After a year long hiatus from using my Fitbit, I’ve been walking every day. Yep, I walk daily to try to keep up my steps- now, a daily goal of 20,000. It’s been three weeks and so far, I’ve met my goals each day and then some.

For the record, I’ve never cared either way about walking- it was just a mode of light exercise- attainable exercise. The thing that makes my walks doable, is of course my iTunes playlist… and lately Netflix. Once my earbuds are in…. I’m in goal mode.

Once or twice, I have walked while catching up with an old friend or family member…. and even that can put a pep to my step- but not today. You see, within 20 minutes of my walk, my mother called with a sense of urgency.

“Did you have the kids vaccinated for the HPV virus?” she asked. Now, my kids are several years away from it- but today was the day she was going to campaign for their well being.

When I inquired about her sense of urgency- she replied, “On GMA, there was a ‘new study’…”

Here is where I made the grave mistake of asking a follow up question.

Me: (Innocently) How can they get HPV?

Dr. Ruth: Well you get it through oral sex.

Needless to say, my walk went on twice as long- giving me a horrible migraine, heat stroke and nausea, just so that I could erase the convo with my mother.


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