What’s Your Regimen?

The other day, after my 8 mile walk around town, I went to the mall. I was in search of a certain furniture store and had I known it was inside the mall, I would have said, “pass,” upon the referral. That aside, while walking towards the store, a young woman from a center kiosk approached me.

Now, I would have kept walking if I saw it was the Israelis with the nail care products, but she came at me too quick to respond.

Her: Hi Miss, would you like a free sample of eye cream?

Me: (who doesn’t like that?) Okay.

Her: (applying something) Here, how about you try it now. What is your daily skin care routine?

Now, I’m in my athletic clothes, hair sweaty and matted against my head, unshaven legs showing (unbeknownst to me) under the cropped yoga-ish pants… and she is asking me about my daily cleansing regimen?

I should have replied, “I wipe front to back,” but instead, I kept walking.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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