Oh Fuck!

My middle child’s biggest fear when leaving for overnight camp was that something would either happen to me- and/or her hamster would die.

The other night, I came home and saw the hamster sitting quietly in its habitat, so I took the lid off to hold him. I do this often! I will make sure he gets love, some exercise and even new views around the house.

He was climbing from hand to hand when my son asked if he could hold him. While I was preparing to do the switch, the hamster jumped out of my hands and fell to the ground (maybe 4 feet).

Sidenote: hamsters do fall when they try to escape and manage to live…

So, I picked it up quickly and held it again- all the while rubbing its back.

That’s when he bit me. 3 times, and hard! Now, it wasn’t a “bite, release…” situation. This hamster locked his teeth on my finger and wouldn’t let go.

At that, I let out a scream and flung it off of me. It all happened so fast- I may have tried to grab it with my right hand and flick when it was free….

Nonetheless, it died- not right away, but shortly thereafter.

First- I’m devastated. I am the one who took care of him on a daily basis and made sure he got exercise. I’m also upset because had I not decided to take him out, he would probably be alive today.

But I am mostly upset, because in a few short days when my son sees his sister whom he dislikes… I know that I’m also dead.


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