La Creme De La Creme

Last night we went to see the fireworks across the bridge from us. As my youngest and I went to find a spot- having never been there before to know where the best spot was, I noticed many a thing.

First, the holiday brings out all members of society- but might I add, not the attractive ones. Each blanket or “fitted” sheet containing families, was filled with obese, smoking, tattooed members of society. I couldn’t believe how ginormous these women (for the most part) were. Not that there is anything wrong with women who like their food.

Second, I noticed many denominations- which actually made me think that perhaps the country just needs to have daily fireworks to unite this great country of ours. There were Muslim, Christians, and a sprinkling of Jews.

Lastly, while I am down with the scent of beer, the amount of cigarette smoke was pretty much the “candles and flowers” in this family setting to make me sorry we went. Each time my son and I thought we found the oxygen zone, we had to get up again and move.

Which got me to thinking… I wonder if that’s what made the Jews wonder in the desert- if they were trying to flee from the smell of nicotine.

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