But In Reality

Today, I have big plans….

I must organize the toys that are for keeps, sort the ones for donations and prepare a small slew of them for the housekeeper.

I would like to get my 5-6 miles in because I’ve joined the weekend warrior challenge with coworkers.

I need to organize my closet and play match and find with the abundance of charging cords to electronics I no longer use.

I probably should remove the camp packing crap from the dining room table- it’s safe to say that stuff will not be going to camp this summer.

That dish that has remained soaking in the sink from a few days ago should be SOS scrubbed before it disintegrates.

Lastly, I have 5 baskets of laundry to empty…. or I could buy a few more at BB&B allowing more downtime for me.

Until then, I will sit in my belt-less robe (because who cares to take the time to find it?) at the kitchen table with the grapes that still don’t have the lid on them.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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