“25, 25, 25, Do I hear 30?”

This morning… all because I asked my son to urinate before his 40 minute bus ride to camp…. I had to drive him. When I arrived in the lot, I found the owner of the camp and explained the situation (essentially, I have no parental control… you do better).

Three men later, this is what the conversation sounded like:

Man #1: “Do you like golf?”

Man #2: “What’s your favorite activity??”

Man #1: “Want to work in the snack shack?”

Man #3: “Why don’t we go help in the office?”

Man #3: “Want to see my office? Not even my son gets to see my office.”

Man #1: “What’s your favorite color golf ball?”

Man #2: “Why don’t we take a look at your schedule and pick something else for you?”

Man #1: “Do you like red?”

Man #3: “Is there a friend you’d like me to get to walk into camp with you?”

Man #1: “I have purple balls”

Man #2: “Want to ride in my golf cart??”

Man #1: “Is your favorite color blue?”

Man # 2: “You can help me in the snack shack today”

Man # 1: “Do you like yellow balls?”




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