Будь спокоен!

Today while getting waxed, my middle child was sitting on the floor in the cramped space as my waxer began the routine of “vhat’s new?”

While catching up, she glanced at my child and asked in her thick Russian accent, “New, so vhat vill the cheeldren do zis summer? Somesing specieel?”

When I reminded her that the kids are leaving for camp soon she said, “Vait! Bos girls are going? For how long- tree veeks?” When I told her its the entire summer she said, “Oy this is cracy! You real bad modder. New, vhen my gray-andson went he had to be picked up after tree veeks; it vas not for him. My gray-anddaughter vas sick in ze, new, vhatever you call it, place… and she vas zhere for vone veek.”

Giving her the evil eye and mouthing for her to shut up, she added, “New, she vill have fun… Oy you a bad modder.”


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mom of 3
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