Jail House Rock

The other day my daughter was telling my grandfather’s aid about some recess troubles. She was telling her how a little girl is not being nice to her and doesn’t allow her to join in any games. She went further to say that the girl pushed her out of the way.

Here was the aid’s advice…

The next time she tells you that you can’t play, look at the ground for anything at all… and hit her with it. Then, grab her hair, twist it around your arm and put her in a chicken wing hold. Keep hitting her until she has three eyes… and then, she won’t bother you no more.

Listening to this with my eyes wide open, waiting for the “ha ha,” my child interrupted and said, “but I could go to jail for doing that.”

So? A nice cot, three meals a day and a a break from it all…. doesn’t sound so bad to me. Okay? OK! …But first, tell a teacher- and if that don’t work- BAM!


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