Bon Voyage

This afternoon I called my nephew in between his college classes- just to say hello.

“Hi Stanley, I hear you’re going away,” I said.

“Yeah, next weekend,” he replied.

“You know you need to be careful, right?” I chided.

“I know,” he said.

“Because your father’s friend died on his spring break,” I added.

“I know; I heard all about it,” he said.

“Well don’t drink a lot… and don’t drink the water!” I added.

“I won’t and I know to drink bottled water” I said.

“You know, I just read an article on a kid who ate Pot cookies and he hallucinated and jumped off his balcony,” I reported.

“Really? How did Pot do that?? ” he said.

“He ate more than he was supposed to- so don’t eat anything you don’t know! And don’t go walking on a beach with anyone- a few years ago a woman named Natalie was in Aruba and….you don’t need anyone blaming you for anything” I say.

(WTF:Shock) “What?…. I won’t,” he said.

“You know Mexico has drug lords- you must not go to any local bars- they could try and throw you in jail,” I said.

“And don’t get anyone pregnant- a girl will see a rich Jewish boy and want to keep it,” I said.

(Laughing at me) “I will not drink, I will not do drugs, I will not drink the water, I will not walk on the beach, I will not go to a local bar and I will not do anything wrong aunt Rochelle,” he said.

“Ok, well, I just called to say have a good time.” 

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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