Let me start by saying the two things I hate most are the terms: “ladies” and “ma’am”. I’m not exactly sure what about those words evoke a feeling of homocide, but the point is, I go cray-cray.

The other day I had to take both of my kids to a doctor’s appointment; that in and of itself is enough to set me on edge. Add to it that my original appointment for one of my kids was at 4PM  but since I was bringing a second child, they told us to be there at the convenient hour of 3:30. Hem and haw as I did to try to persuade them to allow us to all just come at 4, I was still told to come at 3:30… “to not keep the doctor waiting.” What you should know is, this doctor is notoriously late, but still…

With a plan to meet my sitter and son, I set off with my eldest to the office. I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when I saw that my son and his nanny were still sitting in the waiting room.

*Now, one more key detail in this scenario is that I hate being kept waiting- especially when it involves my children.

Naturally, I expressed myself as anyone who had to leave work early, drive with the nanny to the location during my lunch hour to ensure my son wouldn’t be late for his “3:30” appointment, and look for a spot since they have no parking- so we wouldn’t be late for our 4PM.

And as I was expressing my disapproval for making my son miss his appointment since I wasn’t there to fill out his form- despite every other member of my family being a patient for years, a nosy nurse popped her head around the corner and firmly said, “ma’am….”

It is a blur to me what she said after “ma’am,” but what I do recall is saying, “Don’t call me ma’am!” …and a few other things on my mind.

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