Clearly Just Book Smart

The other day I had the pleasure of taking two of my children to the podiatrist for some wart removals; vomit.

What you must first know is that I was asked to not ever bring two of my children together to an appointment- you know, since the last time. Now, I know that the request was made at their pediatrician- and it was a good rule to enforce for all medical appointments, but since hubby was away: I had no choice.

Stop right there- sure, I could have made two separate appointments on different days- but how inconvenient is that?!

To make a long story short, we are finally taken back to the room and my bravest goes first. Where things started to go downhill at Gd speed was when the doctor decided to give a step by step explanation of what she was going to do.

I can’t be certain if it was after she said, “scalpel” or after the word “blood,” but with my oldest who can raise the temperature of anyone’s blood with her anxiety, let’s just say, there is zero chance we make that two week follow up appointment for “another look”.

Note to Dr. Shmuck– less is more.

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