It’s Been A Long Time

…since I not only saw my girlfriend, but dined with her. You see, way back whenst we were single, I would go dining with my friend all the time. In fact, she is the reason that I no longer eye roll when I hear someone ask for a side of sauce for their leftovers in their doggie bags. We would go out and she would order for the table (just us) or she would ask for anything to drink and then  cup of ice on the side- so as not to have anything watered down. She knew exactly what wine glass should go with whatever she ordered and was a connoisseur at practically everything.

Flash forward to last evening, when we were reunited for a meal and the hostess refused to honor our reservation. When most would cower and succumb to a different location, I stood quite tall; literally, I was wearing platforms. That’s right, I didn’t worry one bit that we would be forced to dine at the entrance booths to the latest posh restaurant- no sir. Why didn’t I, you wonder?

Because I was with the master of all things her way- that’s why!


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