Do You Have Another Card?

Whilst trying to pay at the neighboring Dollar Store, and waiting in line with people buying thier groceries- I asked the cashier if I could get cash back.

Unfortunately, my card was declined.

“Can I try it again?”

And again, it was declined.

Now getting the looks of understanding, I paid with another card and crawled out of the store.

After, I called hubby and he said that I probably put the wrong code in, afterall, I’ve only used that code for 25 years so it would make sense that I would screw that up.

Flash forward to the salon…

I was late for my appointment since I had no cash to be able to tip the waxer and whilst paying for the service with my credit card, the owner told me that I need to use the ATM machine to get cash.

Unfortunatly, my card was declined again so the owner gave me an understanding pass and allowed me to get cash from my initial credit card.

When I got home and walked into the bathroom to find and kill hubby, I took a glance at my image.

I was wearing my pajama top inside out, my hair was unkempt and I had on summer pants. …Now I understand the looks of understanding.


About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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