Wish List

It’s not often that certain pubic servant professions can request a job wish list. Take for examples: pre school teachers. Often times, they will request things like: paper towels, kleenex, disinfectant wipes, etc.

Librarians can request: extra colored ink cartridges, binding machines, laptops with search engines containing all the local libraries within the district, etc.

But when I see teachers post their wish list on their classroom website, I think, “boy, are they out in left field.”

You see, while Expo markers and lined paper are essentials for the classroom- the most important resource is the teacher. So here is my new wish list recommended for teachers all over the world.

Depends under garments

Two Silicone catheters- not the latex (students could be allergic)

Gastrostomy tube, aka: GT or Feeding Tube

Lightweight, portable filtration tank

Latex gloves

Surgical masks

and lastly, not to be too greedy a teacher… a seasonal Hazmat suit.


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