Snot Nice

I know I am a parent- and I understand that that comes with having to have an iron stomach at times.

For instance- when my children chew loudly in my ears- making me want to hurl across the room- or, when they’re vomiting on the bedspread because the “grab the vomit” reflex isn’t yet established. I know that they may wipe their tushies and they could have shit on their fingers- and I should be somewhat OK with this learning curve.

But it is something else, when it is somebody else’s child. Take for example- sneezing. Yeah, I said it, sneezing. But not any old type of achoo- I’m talking- a week’s worth of food in the form of snot coming out through both nostrils like lava from a volcano…. while not having the, “grab a kleenex” reflex.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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