A friend of mine sells R&F and gives me samples all the time- so naturally, I use it. My skin- so I am told, appears more even toned. In fact, often my sister will ask if I am wearing any make up- to which I always reply, “nope.”

So imagine my surprise when a Bat Mitzvah Zit appeared on my peri-menopausal face. Plus, since it had been decades since I have had any blemish upon my face- I forgot how wrong it is to try to squeeze it.

Unfortunately, I thought it was semi better and then tried again later- assuring 100% scarring!

“You should get Klear Action Acne Treatment or Proactive; just wash and rinse!” my middle child said.

While my eldest child said, “Yeah, your face is disgusting- and you wanted to do that to Sister?!”

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mom of 3
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