Who Are You?

Am I related to you- is typically the question of the week- we’re not exactly at asking this one daily.

“I’m your wife,” was my response today.

Not even looking at me, he gave a look. “You’re a wise guy” he said.

“I’m your daughter,” I went on.

“You’re too young to be my daughter-you’re old enough to be my granddaughter,” he said.

“You would be right.”

“When you say ‘daughters,’ how many do I have?” he continued.

“Eight; you were a busy man” I cajoled.

“Eight? That doesn’t sound right,” he replied.

“How many sound right to you then” I asked.

“I don’t know, two maybe” he answered.

“You are right again,” I said.

“You don’t sound like you like me very much,” he went on.

“I like you better than they do,” I replied.


About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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