Damn Dog

Each morning my 70 lb dog charges down the steps as if she’s a Greyhound in a race. Correction: first, she stands and stares from the top of the steps until I ask her in the nicest of voices if she wants to go out.

She is quick to go outside and lets me know about 23 seconds later that she’s ready to come in by barking incessantly – just enough to wake my children from their slumber.

Now, that’s not my main issue- its when I give her a bone, that’s the problem.

She prefers to dine on my freshly vacuumed carpets and I told her numerous times to eat on her bed.

The other morning, I took the bone from her mouth because her chomping is as loud as her hooves when she walks, and I don’t like the crumbs on the stairs. When I placed the bone on her bed in the living room, she slowly tried to walk past me to the stairs again.

Shaking my head and finger in disappointment, I walked the bone back to her bed and stood near her so she couldn’t inch past me.

And after a few minutes of her sitting there, undoubtedly annoyed, I backed away and around the corner to see what she would do.

She leaned her head to the side as if peering around the corner, and like a prima ballerina, she walked up the steps.

Just like my other bitches.


About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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