Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah


The cast of characters: Me, Bubbie, Great Pop, Sister and Pop.
The other evening, while celebrating day #3, we began the exchanging of receipts. That’s right, our Hanukkah goes a little something like this:

Me (to Great Pop)- Here you go!

GP- What is this?

Me- Pajama pants.

GP- Where’s the top?

Me- It’s just the bottoms.

GP- What am I supposed to do with this?

Me- Wear them!

GP- Pass.

Bubbie to sister- Gloves

Sister- Great.

Bubbie- What’s the matter? You don’t need gloves?

Sister- No, they’re great. Thank you.

Me to Bubbie- Here you go.

Bubbie- Oh, another scarf!

Me- That’s a poncho.

Bubbie- Great, how do I wear this?

Me- Either way.

Bubbie- Thank you.

Bubbie to me- A Calendar

Me- I don’t use calendars anymore; they’re too heavy to hang on the wall.

Bubbie- I’ll regift it.

Sister- I won’t be using mine either.

Me to Pop- Here you go.

Pop- A tie! …Oh wait, it’s already made.

Me- I know, I thought it would be easier for you.

Pop- No, I tie them- see (proceeds to show me).

Me- Yes, but it’s easier for you to just snap it.

Pop- I won’t wear that.

Me- I’ll take it back.

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