No- The Non-Universal Language

Shouldn’t “no,” be the same world wide? How about at least in America?

The other day I went to get a manicure- actually, just a polish change. I prefer to not cry after leaving a salon, after years of trying to grow my nails and having someone casually file them all back to the core. So, just a polish.

But what struck me as WTF, was when I was asked if I wanted my nails filed and I said, “no.”

Idiot- “You don’t want them filed?”

me- “No, they’re fine.”

Shmuck- “Not even just so they’re even?”

me- “no- no filing.”

Putz- “You don’t want me to just square them?”

me- “I like them how they are.”

Challenged- “You should file your nails to last longer.”

Apparently with a filing one must also get a back rub because I didn’t get that either. And she didn’t get her tip.

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