I Don’t See Anything!

This is the mantra of all my offspring when we are about to embark on a 20 minute plus car ride, and hubby tries to put on a DVD.

Typically, we will spend 8 minutes in our driveway trying to get the back headrests to show the film- 9 minutes will be spent hearing, “I don’t see anything! What’s taking so long?!! Why can’t you get it to work now???” (repeat; getting louder and louder).

Another 3 minutes will be spent with me yelling at hubby for needing to purchase this piece of shit “state of the art” system.

2.5 minutes will be spent with hubby unable to press any buttons on the back of the headrest from mental exhaustion and being worn out emotionally, and 1 minute will be spent with me repeating: “the $100 upgrade to have the dealer install it wasn’t good enough? I just love the clarity of the pictures; so wonderful they can each watch thier own movies at the same time…. let’s try the navigation system next!”

All the while, the kids are each rioting in the back, “it’s blue again daddy!”

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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