The Elephant in the Room

I attended my first and last viewing; it was for a dear friend of mine who’s mother died.

Now, I am all for freedom of religion and feel many religions have wonderful traditions and customs. For example: I love the fact that children get to dress up for their first communion as bride and groom. Any chance to dress up and look pretty is alright in my book! I also love the countdown to Christmas; both educational and exciting! I think Valentine’s day is both romantic and special, and wearing red/pink can be fun for all.

But as I walked into the funeral home, uncertain of this particular tradition- the custom, I was immediately face to face with the newly departed. In fact, there had been a small archway in the viewing room from the hallway entrance, that it was hard not to notice her front and center.

To make matters, worse, as I got closer to the living room which was really the dead room, I could not get over how there was an open casket directly next to the grieving family; across from the other mourners who sat 4 feet away on a sofa.

There, right in front of me, as if it was the norm- dead body in a casket, and I couldn’t figure out where to keep my eyes.

I don’t even drive with my head straight when I see a dead animal before me on the road!

As I made my way through the receiving line, I realized I needed horse blinders or to keep my left eye completely closed; forcing me to stare at the fuzz on my nose.

In short, I said my hellos and sentiments as quickly as possible and tried hard not to notice the true elephant in the room.

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