Red and Yellow and Pink and Green

Several colors mentioned to me regarding my hair color.

However, on this last touch up, I was finally feeling like the old me, “good ole blonde.”

That is, until a collegue came up to me before the start of my day.

“Did you have your hair colored?” she asked.

“Yes! Last night!” I replied.

“I like it; I see you went darker,” she continued.

(deflated. hurt. upset. sad) “Uh, huh. A little.” I said as I walked away… and asked another teacher to quickly tell me what color she saw.

“You’re blonde, but not as blonde as Her,” my one friend said.


“You’re blonde; not as blonde as me but blonde,” said another.


“You’re blonde and it’s light,” said the man who takes no sides.

So, I went to my class, feeling somewhat better by the one comment that at least felt I was lighter in color, until I asked my younger collegues.

“Collegues, what do you notice about my hair?” I asked.

“You dyed it; and it’s orange at the bottom but that sometimes happens to my mom too when she tries to go blonde.”

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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