Don’t Think!

Lately, my nanny has had some “misunderstandings,” with things that I ask.

For example, the other day I asked her to prepare Leeks and Potatoes with olive oil and garlic. In two separate dishes, she had leeks and in another, potatoes.

Little things like that happen all week long and I try to just roll with it. However, when I asked her to get trash bags for my son’s room, all hell broke loose.

“You want me to get trash bags for his room?” she asked.

“Yes. You can use the ones from the market if you want.”

When she and I were in the kitchen getting the kids off to school, she reached under the cabinet for a market bag. “You can use those bags for his room; that will be fine” I said.

Hours later, when I get home from work, I noticed two boxes of trash bags on the counter; from a market farther away than the one around the corner.

“You went to East Gibip for trash bags???” I asked.

“I thought you wanted me to get bags,” she said.

“And the bags at the market right here wasn’t good enough?? Are these kosher bags that you went to the kosher market???” I continued.

“I thought it seemed odd but I went because you said he needed bags” she continued.

Shaking My Fucking Head.

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