Main Idea

This evening my eldest and I were online reading one of her books when she came upon another book that piqued her interest. “Where does food come from?”

But I was too late: she had already hit the “ear” which meant the story was now being read to her.

And I waited… waited for the page where the cow from the cover would appear.

“Milk comes from cows…. cheese comes from milk, which comes from cows. …Bread comes from wheat….” it continued. Thinking I was safe, I continued on my own ipad, doing my work, when all of the sudden…

“Pizza. Pizza comes from wheat. Sauce comes from plants. pepperoni comes from Pigs.”

“Pigs?? How does pepperoni comes from pigs?” my child asked.

“I don’t know… is that what it said? Maybe it’s wrong.” I continued.


“Beef comes from cows,” the stupid book continued.

“You know, people kill chickens and eat them?” she said to me, disgusted.

It’s only a matter of time before she learns about her favorite… brisket.

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mom of 3
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